xmltooling::IOException for SP 2.5.3 on IIS 7.5

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xmltooling::IOException for SP 2.5.3 on IIS 7.5


I am integrating SSO between client PingIdentity server and our web site. Both application are in different domain.

I am able to connect and login with IdP server .

After login IdP posting data to our site for Assertion, but I am getting following error with http status 500:

xmltooling::IOException at (https://[]/Secure/AssertionService.aspx)

The request's Content-Length is not available to an ISAPI filter.

Below is other detail:
Shibboleth SP version : 2.5.4 64 bit
Windows Server: Web edition 2008 R2
IIS Server: 7.5

Please help me to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance...