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openssl compile solaris 8

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I am going to be installing the SP on Solaris 8.  I see there are packages which I was going to try but my question is related to openssl at this point.

I already have openssl installed, built with ./Configure solaris-sparcv8-gcc -shared.  I see that if I was to build it myself, the instructions say to build it with ./Configure solaris-sparcv9-cc threads shared --

I also have Apache built with ssl built-in (--enable-ssl --with-ssl=/usr/local/ssl). I looked at part of the package installation script and see it doesn't seem to build an ssl directory, so if I use /usr/local/ as the path for the package install, do I specify /usr/local/ in the with-ssl parameter.  Does it create another ssl directory like the default openssl installation?  

The directions also say to install with cc (not gcc) but I had trouble compiling ssl with cc, which was related to and fixed with gcc.  Do all applications have to be installed with cc, or just the shib applications please?

Thank you very much.