User login with UPN instead of sAMAccountName

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User login with UPN instead of sAMAccountName

I am very new to Shibboleth, so that please bare with me.
We are trying to configure the outlook think client and mobile device to connect O365.  Right now, if we login to Outlook with sAMAccountName (college wide ID), we are able to login, but we like to use UPN which is instead.  
We are looking at login.config and made several attempts by changing userFilter="userPrincipalName" or userFilter="(userPrincipalName={0})", but it does not authenticate with UPN. It only work when we use userFilter="(sAMAccountName={0})"

Here is our login.config

ShibUserPassAuth {

// Example LDAP authentication
// See:

     edu.vt.middleware.ldap.jaas.LdapLoginModule required

         bindDn="CN=shibauth,OU=IT-Service Accounts,OU=People,DC=TESTNET,DC=tulsacc,DC=edu"
        // userField=" userPrincipalName ";


// Example Kerberos authentication, requires Sun's JVM
// See:
/* required


I will appreciate any help.