Sunsetting of Centralized Discovery Service software

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Sunsetting of Centralized Discovery Service software

Cantor, Scott E.
The current Java-based CDS code base (of which the last version released was V1.2.1) is built on the same libraries which will become unsupported this summer along with the V2 Identity Provider.

After consultation with the membership of the Shibboleth Consortium, a decision was reached to let this software sunset at that time, and shift our resources to other work, principally continued enhancement of the Embedded Discovery Service and a likely feature update to the Service Provider, which has been largely frozen for several years while the IdPv3 work took priority.

As a result, the CDS will become unsupported on July 31st, the previously planned EOL for the other V2 Java software products, and will not be re-done at this time.

A variety of software products performing a similar function are available from various sources, including the EDS software itself, which many people have deployed as a centralized solution, and this played a significant part in the decision. Deployers are welcome to discuss migration options on our lists.

-- Scott

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