Solaris 10, pre-packaged apache 2.0 segmentation fault

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Solaris 10, pre-packaged apache 2.0 segmentation fault

Stéphanie L.

I compiled and installed all the pieces for shibboleth-sp-2.3.1, directly inspired form the page NativeSPSolaris10SourceBuild, but taking all the most recent versions available. The other exception is that I used the /usr/sfw Sun companion cd pre-packaged ssl.

I am running Sparc Solaris 10, the oct 09 version.

When I  Include the apache2.config file in my apache configuration, the web server restart, but as soon as I hit a page, a :

"child pid XXXX exit signal Segmentation fault (11)"

appears in the apache log file, and I get a blank page on the navigator. I successively tried the Include instruction in ssl.conf *and* in httpd.conf.

I never even reached the state of checking the https://localhost/Shibboleht.sso/Status response.

I finally compiled a new apache-2.0.63 server from sources. When I include th apache2.config file, I obtain no problems.

This is annoying. I would really like to use the Solaris PrePackaged apache2 webserver.

Is there a known solution to this?

Thank you