Shibboleth Service Provider V2.5.5 Available

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Shibboleth Service Provider V2.5.5 Available

Cantor, Scott E.
A patch update to the Shibboleth Service Provider, V2.5.5, is now available.

This release corrects a few reported issues, addresses a security advisory [1] and in the case of Microsoft Windows, updates a number of libraries included to correct various minor vulnerabilities.

A list of issues addressed [2] and important changes to note [3] can be found in our wiki.

Updated Windows installation kits are available [4][5] that will update any prior 2.5.x release.

RPM packages are also available now. Please read the notes in [3] carefully as they describe a number of important changes affecting newer Linux platforms that support systemd.

NOTE especially that due to the transition from SysV init script to systemd unit file on such platforms, it's necessary to re-enable "start on boot" for the shibd daemon with the "systemctl enable shibd" command. (Non-systemd platforms do not require any special care.)

-- Scott


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