Shibboleth SP under Varnish ang Nginx Proxy

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Shibboleth SP under Varnish ang Nginx Proxy

Hi Everyone,

Our current web server setup is kinda complicated. We have Nginx as the SSL Termination (443) and Proxy pass to Varnish port 80 and Apache port 8080 and the end point of the web.

Our issue is with Shibboleth when we enabled site wide SSL on Varnish. We are able to redirect to the IDP but after the login and redirecting to SAML2/POST we have an error either Invalid HTTP Method (GET) or SAML 2 SSO profile is not configured for relying party.

Shibboleth2.xml set config handlerSSL is false since the end point is Apache as I have read.

Users > HTTPS (Nginx SSL Termination) > Varnish > Apache (shibboleth is installed on apache).

All was working before we introduce Varnish and Nginx Proxy (We have to have a proxy for the SSL).

If you have any idea on the issue I am facing it would greatly help.

Thank you!