Shibboleth SP in different docker container with application

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Shibboleth SP in different docker container with application

I need some suggestion on implementing Shibboleth SP.
I have 3 urls below:
1.            ( Docker Image #1: Shibboleth SP + Apache)
2.  ( Docker Image #2: Angular App 1 )
3.  ( Docker Image #3: Angular App 2 )

As you can see, i have 3 different docker containers above corresponding to
each url.

So, from url 1, i can generate metadata service provider and sent it to IDP.
i got it working correctly and pretty straight forward.
However, all of my application, app-1 and app-2, is not in the same
container with SP (url 1). This is where i am getting stuck. I would like my
app-1 and app-2 also authenticate with IDP using SP. How would i do it ?
cause i dont want to install Shibboleth SP in each container for each app
and generate different metadata file.

Any suggestion will be really appreciate.

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