Shibboleth SP Unvalidated Redirect?

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Shibboleth SP Unvalidated Redirect?


A recent security scan pointed out that one could create a link to the Shibboleth SP's /Login endpoint and set a URL into the "target" parameter on the query string, and once authentication is performed, the user is redirected to the location specified in the "target" regardless of where that URL is. 

For example, I one could create a link to the following URL: https://.../Shibboleth.sso/Login?entityID=...&target=

That passes the user to the correct IdP, requires them to login, and then once they're logged in, they are redirected back to Shibboleth SP, and then the Shibboleth SP redirects them back to the target URL, which appears to be able to be set to anything. 

The Shibboleth SP be validating the target URL, should it not? Maybe I'm missing a configuration? Appreciate any assistance. Thanks!


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