Shibboleth Native SP Clustering

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Shibboleth Native SP Clustering

I am trying to setup a clustering solution for NativeSP using odbc using this

However it doesn't seem to work.I'm not sure what i'm misconfiguring.

Here is my setup
Server 1 : shibboleth SP - EntityID
Server 2 : shibboleth SP - EntityID
Server 3 : Shib IDP
Server 4: Nginx Load Balancer


<OutOfProcess logger="shibd.logger">

            <Library path="" fatal="true"/>


  <StorageService type="ODBC" id="db" cleanupInterval="900">
    <SessionCache type="StorageService" StorageService="db" cacheAssertions="false"
                  cacheTimeout="3600" inprocTimeout="900" cleanupInterval="900"/>
    <ReplayCache StorageService="db"/>
    <ArtifactMap StorageService="db" artifactTTL="180"/>

          <SSO entityID="" relayState="ss:db"
                 discoveryProtocol="SAMLDS" discoveryURL="">
              SAML2 SAML1

I have several questions.,
1) does it have to be SessionInitiator used or would SSO binding to relaystate work?
2) should both SP have same entityID. i tried this and it didnt work *(Obviously)

Can anyone help me out with a sample or something. I've basically read the whole article several times and i cant figure out what i'm missing.

Shibboleth SP Version 2.6.0