Shibboleth Metadata Aggregator V0.9.0 now available

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Shibboleth Metadata Aggregator V0.9.0 now available

Ian Young-3
A new major feature release of the Shibboleth Metadata Aggregator is now available[1].

Please see the release notes [2] or the complete issues list [3] for details.

Version 0.9.0 highlights include:

* Built on the same stack as Shibboleth Identity Provider v3.2, and uses the same component model and Spring resource classes.

* Many API additions, including entity attribute filtering and embedded X.509 certificate public key validation.

* Some unused APIs have been removed, and some existing APIs have been renamed as we move towards an eventual 1.0 release. Some changes to existing configuration files will be required.

This new version is already in production use in the UK federation, which also contributed a significant amount of the development behind the new features included in this release.

    -- Ian Young


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