Shibboleth Identity Provider V3.3.0 now available

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Shibboleth Identity Provider V3.3.0 now available

Cantor, Scott E.
A (very) significant feature upgrade for the V3 Identity Provider software is now available [1]. Several major new features are included, along with over a hundred smaller bug fixes and enhancements:

- A new framework for multi-factor authentication workflows is available, see [2].
- Official support for Duo Security iframe-based authentication, see [3].
- Support for account lockout
- Simplified schema for attribute resolver configuration (similar to the work done on the filter configuration in an earlier version)
- A new set of features around instrumentation and performance measurement [4].

This release also provides a permanent fix for the security issue identified in [5], so the LDAP ResultCache feature is safe to use again.

Release notes [6] and upgrade documentation [7] are available in the wiki.

At present, the standard distributions are available in .zip and .tar.gz format. The Windows installers will be available by the weekend.

Please review the release notes before upgrading, particularly taking care if you have already deployed third party or custom support for Duo Security. (The older code should be compatible, but there may be library overlaps to resolve to prevent conflicts.)

In all other respects, this release is fully compatible with existing deployments and you are strongly encouraged to upgrade as soon as you can do so.

The release notes are a living document and we will continue to add to them as circumstamces warrant. You may wish to set a watch on that page to be notified of updates.

-- Scott


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