Shibboleth Identity Provider V3.2.0 now available

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Shibboleth Identity Provider V3.2.0 now available

Cantor, Scott E.
A significant feature upgrade for the V3 Identity Provider software is now available [1]. This is the first major feature update since the original release over a year ago and includes a number of important new capabilities, including:

- New support for storing user session and consent data in HTML Local Storage instead of cookies
- Our first real implementation of single logout, supporting front-channel logout of CAS and SAML services (thanks to Marvin Addison of Virginia Tech)
- Built-in support for SPNEGO/Kerberos desktop authentication (thanks to SWITCH)
- SAML assertion delegation for web services (previously developed as an extension for V2)

A large number of bugs have also been squashed.

Release notes [2] and upgrade documentation [3] are available in the wiki.

Please review the release notes before upgrading, particularly if you are a user of the JDBC-backed persistent ID generation feature (or the old V2 StoredIdConnector feature). There are small database changes required to properly make use of this version because of bugs in the original (and V2) implementation of that feature. No configuration changes are required.

In all other respects, this release is fully compatible with existing deployments and you are strongly encouraged to upgrade as soon as you can do so.

-- Scott


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