SAMLart how built it?

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SAMLart how built it?

Hi Shibboleth Group!

My name is Roldan, and I'm Java  Developer...
i'm developing app about SAML but i dont  knowed How build this...
Well...  finding and finding and Googling... i found info about this and how work...
And so,  i began to learn about this, looking images of how are steps..
So.. I developed 2 app (IDP, SP) for POST via.... (with OpenSaml)
Now ... the business where i work need that build a IDP app, but the sp app (Costumer) need that us use the "Artifact" and the IDP app send them the SAMLart parameter. (with OpenSaml too)

Well...  i wanna question you the next...
How can build the SAMLart parameter?
What SAML object should use for build the SAMLart? (Java)
What I should be considered?
Could you give me a example?

Really thanks.. for advance for your help!
Roldan Ortiz Molinares
Engineer Systems