REMOTE_USER variable on IIS 7.5 not populating

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REMOTE_USER variable on IIS 7.5 not populating

Abhishek Verma123

I am trying to achieve single sign on to my Siebel Application using Shibboleth SP-IDP mechanism.

The WebSite is configured on IIS 7.5

Siebel expects REMOTE_USER variable to be carrying UID but REMOTE_USER variable is showing null.

I have checked some post and Shibboleth documentation which suggest HTTP_REMOTE_USER variable will be holding this value.

When I change REMOTE_USER to HTTP_REMOTE_USER to Shibboleth2.xml file, Shibboleth SP Service does not start.

I have also tried checkspoofing=false and safeheaders=false but nothing works.

How to proceed? Any Idea