Precautions for use with the stress gauge along with the major classification introduction

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Precautions for use with the stress gauge along with the major classification introduction

1, the instrument has to be vertical: should be used when installing the 17mm wrench to tighten,

Not sturdy twisted case; transportation ought to avoid collisions;

two, the instrument really should be at ambient temperature:-25~55??;

25HZ 3, employing ambient vibration frequency, amplitude of much less than 1mm;

4, the usage of ambient temperature is also higher, the instrument indicates that the worth just isn't zero or indication error take place, casing upper seal rubber plugs can be reduce to ensure that the instrument Chamber communicates with all the atmosphere;

5, the instrument applied need to be involving 1/3~2/3 inside the ceiling;

six, in the crystallization of corrosive medium, medium, medium viscosity need to add isolators;

Flange type diaphragm pressure gauge
Flange type diaphragm pressure gauge

7, the instrument ought to generally check (at least when each three months), which include acquiring fault ought to be repaired in a timely manner;

eight, meters in the factory on the date six months under normal storage circumstances of use, if failure or damage on account of poor manufacturing good quality is discovered, the business responsible for repair or replacement;

9 corrosive medium, want for measurement instruments, the requirements should really be specified when ordering.

Stress gauge in line with the measuring accuracy: might be divided in to the precision pressure gauge, the stress gauge. Measurement of your precision stress gauge accuracy class 0.1, 0.16, respectively, 0.25 and 0.4 0.05 level; Common pressure gauges for measurement accuracy class 1.0, 1.six, two.5, four, respectively. Level 0.

Stress gauge based on the measurement reference: stress gauge stress as directed by its benchmark is various,

Into general pressure gauges, stainless steel pressure gauge absolute stress gauges, differential pressure gauges. Pressure gauge to atmospheric pressure as the benchmark; absolute stress gauge absolute stress zero reference; differential pressure gauges measure the distinction involving two pressures to become measured.

Stress gauge according to the measurement variety: classified as vacuum gauge, stress vacuum gauge, pressure gauge, low stress gauge, stress gauge and stress gauge. Vacuum gauge is applied to measure atmospheric pressure is significantly less than the pressure value stress vacuum gauge is employed to measure atmospheric stress significantly less than and greater than the pressure value micro stress gauge made use of to measure the pressure values significantly less than 60000 Pa; low stress gauge for measuring 0~6MPa stress; pressure gauge applied to measure the pressure worth 10~60MPa;

Standard diaphragm pressure gauge
Standard diaphragm pressure gauge

Pressure gauge in accordance with the show: divided into pointer stress gauge, digital stress gauges.

Stress gauge according to their function: stress gauges in line with their function is often divided into different nearby indication kind pressure gauge and with signal-controlled stress gauge.

Basic pressure gauges, vacuum gauge, stress gauge, stainless steel stress gauges are with the local indication variety stress gauges, apart from indicating that stress is no other handle functions.

With signal-controlled stress gauge output signals are as follows:

1, switch signal (such as electric speak to pressure gauge)

2, resistance, signal (which include a pressure gauge with resistance transmitter)

three, the present signal (for instance inductive pressure transmitter, remote stress gauge, stress transmitters, and so forth)

Stress gauge based on distinctive measuring dielectric properties may be divided into:

1, Common pressure gauge: General-type stress gauge made use of to measure without having an explosion,

No crystallization and solidification of copper and copper alloy corrosion-free liquid, gas or vapour stress;

2, corrosion-resistant stress gauge: corrosion type pressure gauge utilized for measuring the pressure of aggressive media, typically applied stainless steel stress gauges, diaphragm-type pressure gauge, etc;

3, explosion-proof kind pressure gauge: explosion-proof pressure gauges used in the risky internet sites with explosive environments, including explosion-proof electric get in touch with stress gauge, explosion-proof transmitter.

4, unique type stress gauge.

In accordance with pressure gauges use: might be divided into common pressure gauges, stress gauges, manometers for oxygen, ammonia pressure gauge with electric make contact with stress gauge, remote inspection pointer, vibration-proof stress gauge, pressure gauge, double-needle two-pipe or two-needle single-tube stress gauge, digital precision digital stress gauge, pressure gauge, and so on.

Vibration proof diaphragm pressure gauge
Vibration proof diaphragm pressure gauge