Ned Help- Shibboleth-Incommon IDP-ASP.NET MVC -SAML SSO

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Ned Help- Shibboleth-Incommon IDP-ASP.NET MVC -SAML SSO

HI All,

WE have requirement of integrating SAML SSO program to our web application. After much research I was not able to find solution how to proceed or any step-by step guide. I will keep requirement simple and easy enough you to understand and provide me pointers.

Our partners have requested us to provide SAML single sign on. Users logged in to their system should be able to login to our system without need of login page.  
One partner uses InCommon IDP and second uses PingIdentity IDP. More will come in future since we have long list of partners.

Our application is written in ASP.NET MVC. InCommon suggests Shibboleth while I am not sure with PingIdentity.
Currently our web application has its own users. User logs in via login page. This must coexists with SAML SSO.

So what will be needed for implementation at our end?
Do we need to get registered to all IDPs?
Do we need to Install Shibboleth SP at our IIS?
What modifications will be needed at our MVC web App to receive SAML tokens from partners?

Can our web-APP still receive SAML token directly from partners (or their IDP), extract user, check in our system and enable session if valid, without needing any component above?

Let me know best possible and minimal solution.Your early inputs are much needed as I am at the deadline to provide solution.

Adding to this I also came to know about Inbound SSO. What is this and will it be helpful to achieve our goal?