Error creating bean with name 'shibboleth.AttributeFilterEngine':

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Error creating bean with name 'shibboleth.AttributeFilterEngine':

To be open, I am new to this shibboleth and SAML2.0 services. I am trying to configure the service but receives an error continously (given below):

Exception in thread "main" org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'shibboleth.AttributeFilterEngine':
Invocation of init method failed; nested exception is edu.internet2.middleware.shibboleth.common.service.ServiceException: Configuration was not loaded
for shibboleth.AttributeFilterEngine service, error creating components.

Googled and almost all posts throws light at configuration issues, but no idea on the real issue. Can someone please help me at the earliest.?

Any quick support would be really appreciated.