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ERROR Shibboleth.ISAPI

Ryan Larson
Good afternoon, I am trying to clean up some noise in my shib logs where I get the following in the Native Log:

INFO Shibboleth.SessionInitiator.SAML2 [2712] isapi_shib: postData property not supplied, form data will not be preserved across SSO

Doing a bit of looking around I needed to add postData="ss:mem" postTemplate="postTemplate.html" to my Sessions line in shibboleth2.xml.  When I add them I get the following error generated like clockwork every 24 seconds then 5 seconds then 24 seconds etc.  It does remove the original INFO notification but places the following error in both Native and Native_Warn:

ERROR Shibboleth.ISAPI [2712] isapi_shib: The request's Content-Length is not available to an ISAPI filter.

This is being run on a Windows 2016 Box using IIS 10.  Shib Version is old at

Any thoughts on this?

Ryan Larson
Business Analyst - OIT ImageNow
University of Minnesota

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