Can Shibboleth integrate in this scenario?!

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Can Shibboleth integrate in this scenario?!

Hello everyone,
we're setting up a WSC-WSP scenario on 2 machines.
Machine A acts as IdP and as WSC, Machine B is federated with A and acts as WSP.
Our WSC is a simple wss client (ejb-client) and WSP is a wss server (ejb-server).
we're trying to create a library (used by both WSC and WSP) that, develops the following actions:

1 - Non-Browser based user single-sign-on and successive token generation

2 - SAML assertion generation on WSC side (through the token obtained from step1)

3 - SAML validation on WSP side (the assertion should be validated from the WSP)

Can Shibboleth support us?!
Does it has some API to integrate it and help this development scenario?!

Thanks in advance!