Announcement -- End of Life Date for Shibboleth v1.3

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Announcement -- End of Life Date for Shibboleth v1.3

Steven Carmody
The Shibboleth team will transition Shibboleth v1.3 from Previous
Stable release to the Earlier/Unsupported category on June 30, 2010.

We currently do not add new features to v1.3, nor guarantee that
changes made to the current release are backwards compatible with
v1.3 As of June 30, 2010, the team will no longer promise to supply
security updates. We would continue to answer questions on the
mailing lists about v1.3 as time and knowledge allows.

For details on the support levels, see the Shibboleth web site:

We believe that the transition schedule -- this change is proposed to
occur 17 months from now -- builds in enough time for sites to plan
and implement for this change.