Shibboleth SP V3 Beta available for Windows

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Shibboleth SP V3 Beta available for Windows

Cantor, Scott E.
Crossposting to users for more visibility...

I have a beta release of the upcoming SP version posted now to the download site.

The documentation is not complete yet, but most of the "front matter" material on installs, upgrades, the release notes, etc. is baked enough for testing.

Only the Windows version is packaged because the only inquiries so far have been from people willing to test it there, and the most critical need is for testing the new IIS module. The beta is versioned We will bump the fourth digit on any subsequent releases, though upgrades from the beta are not officially guaranteed to work.

I can probably get test packages built for Linux later this week but likely won't bother unless somebody actually plans to test it in earnest, as it's time consuming.

Some links:

Windows Installers

Docs (all the usual stuff should be right there on the left hand side)

Stick to the dev list for any follow up or discussion of the beta.

-- Scott

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