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SAML 1.1 - Sibboleth - 2.1.5

Hello, I am looking for a help on SAML 1.1.

My Application Context:
One of my custom web application (J2EE) struts action resource is a consumer of SAML Token. So the consumer URL (ACS) is https://domainName/webContext/

Here is the Use Case Flow, I would like to achieve:
1. Hit web application URL in browser. URL is https://domainname/
2. Control should be redirected to Shibboleth IdP Login Page
3. Enter the User Name and Password and Submit Login in IdP Page
4. IdP authenticates this credential and if successful generate SAML Token and Post this token to ACS specified above.

Though I am able to redirect my to IdP Login Page as specified in Point 2 above, still would like to hear the way we should configure this redirection.

My main questions are here now?

What all configurations I need to do in IdP to get this working? Though I tried like adding a new relying party, adding a corresponding metadata file etc. but all this did not really worked. If anyone can provide me step-by-step with a configuration snippet, it will be of great help?