Host conflict with MicroStrategy setup

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Host conflict with MicroStrategy setup

Jay Kroning



Ran into an issue when updating the shibboleth2.xml with host information of <Path name="MicroStrategy" authType="shibboleth" requireSession="true"/> I no longer can access my http://localhost/MicroStrategy/asp/Admin.aspx and instead we get the below message.



The system encountered an error at Thu Apr 11 13:47:06 2019

To report this problem, please contact the site administrator at [hidden email]

Please include the following message in any email:

shibsp::ConfigurationException at (

No MetadataProvider available.



Once I remove that path and restart services that message goes away and I can access my web administrator again. What am I missing, or needs to be done to correct this. Be advised this is our first attempt using Shibboleth Service Provider software to setup SSO on MicroStrategy. FYI these are the instructions we are following. Thank You.




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