GÉANT OIDC -plugin third and last alpha

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GÉANT OIDC -plugin third and last alpha

Janne Lauros

The third tagged version of GÉANT Shibboleth OIDC plugin has just been created to the following repository:


The release notes contain documentation for installation and supported features. This third release is something that is hopefully our last release classified as alpha. There are still features to implement and bugs to fix as the release note suggests but we anyway set our next goal to have a beta release. We will start working on that once we get back from our summer holidays at the end of the July.

And for anybody reading this, if you do not know what you should do this afternoon, or any other afternoon, please try out the release. If you have ansible and vagrant already installed you should have the Shib OP running in no time. All feedback is very much appreciated.

Janne & Henri.

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