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Janne Lauros


 After 0.6.0 alpha release in march we have had bit less time for developing OIDC - plugin as was anticipated. We have not been all idle though and we are able to tag our third alpha release on week 25. The third alpha release will contain improvements noted on 0.6.0 alpha review as well as new features like using refresh token. This version will still be based on Idp 3.3 codebase.

 Henri is already on his combined parental and annual leave. I will be going for my significantly shorter leave after week 25. Once we are back in the end of July we will work on, hopefully full-time, new release based on Idp 3.4 codebase. The result is hopefully our first beta release of the plugin. This is also the point we will start the official openid connect certification process.

 We have have been contacted by few early adopters and the feedback received from them has been positive. We want to thank them for their efforts. This is important work for us as it guides us on what features to implement first and shows also where we are still lacking.

 Br Janne & Henri

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